December and Holidays 2012

After Thanksgiving, it was already time for the holidays here in Atlanta! A lot of things happened in December, I had a party at school, decorated a tree, and even flew to Florida to spend New Years with Mom and Grandma while Dad was at a wedding!


We had cookies at school!




Hanging out with Dad at a photo shoot in Marietta, I was feeling sick 😦


Decorating our Christmas tree at home.

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

On Christmas Eve I went to see my friend Leo at his house for a Christmas party with their family, Dad took photos

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

I like playing with Leo’s airplane

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

Blog Photos | Miles December 2012 on the OM-D E-M5

For Christmas I got some really cool new toys, I love to push the cars!


Thomas even takes a ride sometimes



Right after Christmas, Mom and Dad had to shoot a wedding in Texas so Grandma flew with me to Florida for the night. Mom came to get me the next day though after she was done with work, yay!





I played for a few days with Mom and Grandma in Florida before going back home to Atlanta


Playing with Mommy’s friend Neesha’s son in Tampa



With Grandma


Learning to fish with my Uncle in St. Petersburg



Mom bought me a trike just like Grandma had so I can drive around at home too!



While Daddy was gone I helped Mom with chores around the house


I helped Mom with shopping too



Tired from playing, Daddy come home soon!


Tada…I’m officially a Social Media Baby

I’m two month already!!! I had 2nd doctor checkup yesterday and I’m 11.5 lbs! Sadly, Dr. Elliott said that my weight is at 25-50 percentile and my length is only at 10 percentile. Urg.. as a preterm baby, I have a lot growth to catch up. But how come I’m wearing cloth of 3-6 month? How do baby cloth manufacturers get their baby size numbers?

My nerdy parents just can’t wait to put this T-shirt on me – I’m on a horse!!! Well, it is an inside joke among social media nerds. Inspired by an article at Mashable, The Future of Social Media Parenting and Old Spice commercial  “I’m on a horse”  which is welknown through social media, Daddy designed the t-shirt for me and made it from Zazzle. So here you go! I’m on a horse, just like Old Spice guy! This t-shirt made me officially a social media baby!

Of course, I will have a photo wearing the t-shirt. Daddy and Mommy edited it like an old photo in 70s. Mommy said I totally looked like her when she was a baby. She sent the photo to grandma in China, and the answer is: Miles totally looks like a Lao Wai (foreigner)! In other words, I’m more like daddy. Mommy is happy about it any way. 🙂

Social Media Baby - I'm on a horse!

Oh. I have started my super early education!!! Mommy downloaded Mandarin flashcard and the story of Monkey King  for iPad. They finally put their iPad in good use… and my tiger mom definitely puts a lot of hopes on me…

Here I’m listening to Monkey King story -Journey to the West! It looks I’m super interested in the story. 🙂

I’m a Little Panda 我是小熊猫

Miles grows up quickly. He is getting bigger and heavier. He just reached six weeks but already 10 pounds and outgrew NB and size 0-3 clothes! We have changed his diaper size to 1. His cheek is so chubby and lovely now and everyone want to give a kiss on his cute little face! 🙂

Of course, we always have photos for him. Most of his photos are sleeping photos so far. Last night, after putting on the cute panda outfit for the first time, which is the Christmas gift from Grandma Long, he had about 10 minutes active but not cranky moment to allow us capture some super adorable photos. We just can’t stop saying on every photo: oh, so cute… Look those adorable photos of Little Panda!

Also, Miles had his first happy bath today instead of screaming and crying while taking bath. He is definitely growing up and getting used to the world around him! 🙂 Every day is different!

Xiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little PandaXiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little Panda

Xiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little PandaXiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little Panda

Xiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little PandaXiao Xiong Mao - Miles the Little Panda

Zac & MilesZac & Miles

Happy Hours

Everyday late afternoon or early night, little Miles will become fussy and needy. He cries and screams, and we have to hold him and rock him for hours in order to calm him down. Through google, we know it’s somehow called “happy hours” when baby has his biological clock to be weakest time of the day. Babies become extreme vulnerable and so they express their feeling through crying, of course! I feel it’s the time that the parents need some drinks too so it got the name of  “Happy Hours”!

Whenever Happy Hours come, Miles almost drive us crazy by his endless and loud screaming. However, after after a few hours of struggling every day, looking at his little face with a light smile on his lips  in his sleep, our hearts are only full of love to him. It is part of parenting and we should really make a toast to cheer for our lovely and adorable baby Miles.

One Month Old

I’m one month old now! I gained quite a lot of weight and now 7.5 pounds. Daddy and Mommy are very happy about my weight gain although they have been exhausted every day, especially mommy…

Here are our new family portraits to celebrate my full month. Mom regrets that we didn’t do our first family portrait well in the hospital, so she wanted to make it up. You see, I’m much bigger and fill up. 🙂

Family Photos: Zac, Betty & Miles

Family Photos: Betty & Miles

Family Photos: Zac & Miles

Family Photos: Zac & Miles

My Baby Annoucement

Finally, Daddy and Mommy sent out my Baby announcement. Although I had so many lovely and cute photos, they want to do something special. They tried the idea to put me in a basket. I really hated it so I protested by crying out loud. And of course, daddy did not forget to put those huge camera lens by me and wish I can grow up to a photographer. I am so tiny comparing to Canon 70-200mm lens!

Miles Thinking About His Future with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L [Atlanta Newborn Photographer]

Finally, daddy and mommy picked the photo with Canon lens cap as my Baby Announcement card, titled Our little Photographer. Wish everyone will love it!

Miles Long and Canon Camera [Atlanta Newborn Photographer]

Miles Sleeping Soundly [Atlanta Newborn Photographer]

Miles Winston Long [Atlanta Newborn Photographer]

My First Bath

We have had a pretty busy week around here, I went back to the doctor’s office for a checkup on Monday to make sure I was gaining enough weight. I don’t think Mom needed to really ask the doctor, because I’m eating all of the time! Doctor Elliot was happy though because I gained 6 ounces in 5 days to bring me up to 5 pounds, 6 ounces! I’m still not up to my birth weight but I had a tough time eating those first days when Mom had no milk for me to drink! Now she is pumping and feeding me every couple of hours 🙂

Miles gets his first bath

The second exciting event I had this week was to get my first bath on Tuesday! Well I can say that I wasn’t too happy with the idea of getting wet. I’ve gone over a week without a bath, do I really need one now Mom and Dad???

Miles gets his first bath

On the bright side, it was pretty quick to get my bath. I took a dip in my new bathtub and then Mom and Grandma were ready to dry me off. Dad, why were you just walking around taking pictures???

Miles gets his first bath

Thanks Grandma for being there to dry me off!

Miles gets his first bath

Were these technically my first tears? I was pretty upset!

Miles gets his first bath

Next I got my hair brushed to make me look all handsome, not a haircut just yet but it’s something!

Styling Miles' hair after his first bath

Thanks Grandma!

Miles, Mom, and Grandma after his first bath

Mom was happy too!

Miles and Mom after his first bath

Don’t I look good with my clean hair and skin???

Miles all clean after his first bath

The Story of my Birthday

This blog post originally appeared on Mom & Dad’s wedding photography blog: FengLong Photography Blog. I think Dad was just lazy and didn’t want to re-write it all, or maybe he was smart and being “efficient” by not writing too blog posts… Hmmm…

Here is the original post:


Another personal update this week! As a follow-up to the photoshoot we did 2 weeks ago of Betty and some maternity photography, we have officially welcomed Miles Winston Long into the world and into the FengLong family! Here is the story of Miles’ rough entry into this world and how her entered our lives on February 24th, 2011 at 1:47 PM…

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

Those maternity photos seem like a world away looking back on that time two weeks ago. We took those photos on a Thursday, and the following day Betty had a check-up with her doctor. Due to the high blood pressure she was having they didn’t let her go home and kept her at the hospital for overnight observation, finally letting us go home on Saturday. Two days later on Monday she had another follow-up, and lo and behold, blood pressure was still high even after being on bedrest both in the hospital and at home.

For the next week and a half Betty was at the hospital on strict bed rest, with the nurses monitoring her blood pressure multiple times per day. They we worried she may have pre-eclampsia, but all of the blood work came back negative. Finally they decided to induce delivery on Wednesday, a week and a half after being admitted to the hospital.

Waiting for Miles: Day 1

They started her on Pitocin (oxytocin) early Wednesday morning. After a miserable first day, we talked to the doctor about having her break the water and continue going or to start again in the morning. One of the side effects of Pitocin is not being able to eat, so we chose to have some rest that night and start again on Thursday.

Waiting for Miles: Day 1

Thursday morning, our doctor broke Betty’s water as we started up on the Pitocin again to really get things moving. And moving they did, Betty started the contractions and we even got so far as to start an Epidural. All of this medical science was not without it risks and we had quite a scare about an hour into slowly increasing the dosage of Pitocin. Suddenly the babies heart rate dropped and our nurse rushed in to stop the drugs and put Betty on oxygen to get him back in the normal range. Everything worked and we monitored as the contractions slowly started again.

Our scare of the morning

Epidural in Place

The next problem to happen to us was that after each contraction, Miles’ heart rate would drop and then pick back up again. More concern for the doctor, so she ordered a cesarean section for the safety of the baby.

Heading into the C-Section

What happened next seemed like a whirlwind of emotion and activity. Betty was prepped, I was in a hospital gown as well, and before I knew it I was sitting in the recovery room waiting for the nurse to get me. She came in with an update, Betty is still feeling pain even with with Epidural still running. “Let’s go Dad!” the nurse says to me as we are whisked to the operating room which is full of doctors and nurses with Betty on the table. I get a front row seat by Betty’s head which is behind the drape, drugged but conscious I hold her hand but don’t think she remembers any of this. The doctor tells me to stand up and I watch as they pull the baby out!

Betty still drugged up behind the curtain

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

During a blur of emotions I remember walking over to the side table where the other nurses start cleaning Miles, getting the fluids out of his mouth and making sure he was breathing. Watching him kick and squirm I could not help but get emotional as the miracle of life is presented before you. I wasn’t crying but it would be lying to say that my eyes didn’t start to water as I watched him there.

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

From the operating room, I carried little Miles over to Betty who was still half in and out of consciousness. She gave Miles a kiss on the forehead but I don’t think she remembers ANYTHING while under the influence of all that pain medicine! Miles and I went from the operating room to the transitional nursery where the nurses weighed him, measured him, and recorded all of the other vital signs.

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

I was sort of surprised that they let me into this same room as Miles, but it was just Miles, 3 nurses, and myself in a small office so I guess it was alright. One nurse doing the measuring and washing while the other two were entering the information into the computer. This was still a magical time and I’m so glad I was able stay there to be with Miles just minutes after being born!

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

I brought Miles with me back to the recovery room once Betty was finished with her surgery and the drugs started wearing off. I handed the camera over to one of the nurses, dialed in some “safe” settings and had our nurse take our first family portrait together:

Welcoming Miles W Long to the FengLong Photography family [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

I also had Betty take one of me with Miles from back in the room:

[Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer] - Dad and Miles

So now we are back to present day, Sunday and day 3 of Miles’ life with us here at Piedmont Hospital. Betty’s blood pressure has remained high so we didn’t get to go home just yet. Even though it is very frustrating being stuck here, at least we are under the watchful eye of our loving nurses who are just trying to make sure things are safe for Betty and Miles. In the meantime, I’ve also had a good amount of free time in between holding Miles which let me practice taking photos of Miles during these early days!

[Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer] - Miles Long

[Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer] - Miles Long

[Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer] - Miles Long's Baby Hands

Miles: 2 Days Old [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

Miles: 2 Days Old [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

Hopefully by the time you are reading this the blood pressure medicine has worked it’s magic and Betty will get cleared to leave and we can finally go home after 2 weeks here. I’m sure the cats are getting lonely at home, we will be back soon!

Miles: 2 Days Old [Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer]

Soon we will have a new assistant on wedding shoots, but let’s give him a few years, ok? Thank you everyone that left us such warm comments on Facebook! These comments helped as Betty has been trapped here in her room for such a long time. Now that the pregnancy is over we can’t WAIT to get back to shooting weddings! With the warm weather also rolling in in Atlanta, things are combining for a perfect 2011! 🙂

Zachary Long is a wedding photographer based in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Together with his wife Betty Feng they form Feng Long Photography. Zac and Betty are available for weddings in the Metro Atlanta, GA area and destination weddings throughout the United States and China.

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35 weeks now! I am coming soon…

It has been a while since my last blog. In last two months, my main activities are growing and moving around.  Doctor said that i had a growth spur. Mom is freaked out because her belly becomes so BIG now! She is not happy the fact that she is chubby, heavy and swollen. She describes herself having elephant feet, bear palm, panda face and belly.  😦

I know her pain and I can not wait to come to see her and dad as well!  Five more  (perhaps less) weeks to go!

Even though complaining a lot, mom is happily to just get her final maternity photos done before I come. Love those photos.

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles

[Atlanta Maternity Photographer] Betty & Xiao Miles