Photoshoot by Daddy, finally

OK…I admit that I haven’t blogged too much for Miles, even this blog is borrowed from our fennglongphoto blog… sorry Miles!

Here is another random blog post for the week, at least in addition to the Dragon*Con parade photos I was able to show a few recent wedding photos from Kera & Eric’s wedding at the McGarity House! This past Labor Day weekend, in addition to shooting the parade in the morning and a wedding the rest of the day, on Sunday we headed over to Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee at Walton, which is very odd because it’s inside a gated apartment community. Awkwardness aside from ringing the call box to go to the coffee shop past all of the apartments, once you get there the cafe is overlooking a lush green park with views of the Chattahoochee River! Betty’s classmate Wei tries to get her reading done during the week here and suggested we plan a playdate for Miles and her son Leo while the adults enjoyed a beverage. I primarily took some family photos for them but of course with Miles running around I just had to take some photos of his cute expressions =)

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

As both of the kids looked on im amazement at Wei’s jumping skills…

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles wasn’t very pleased about having to climb around in the ferns =)

Miles at Chattahoochee River

Miles at Chattahoochee River

After running around in the park area we headed back up to Thousand Hills for a second round of coffee. To compliment the hot mocha I had earlier, I went with the Rwandan Chill to cool down after a very warm afternoon chasing kids. Both coffees were good, though the Frappucino-esque Rwandan Chill particularly hit the spot after working up a sweat. Taking photographs of children is not easy!

Hanging Out with Leo

I haven’t hung out with my buddy Leo for a long time! We actually see each other once a while in the swimming class but we can not really play in the pool. If you remember, Leo is one month older than me and we have been hung out since baby! Here is the previous blog.

Today, we had a photoshoot for Leo. We all went to a coffee shop by Chattahoochee river. It was so beautiful! While Daddy was taking photos for Leo. I was running around exploring! It was so fun!


Leo had a pink ball so we played with it for a long time.

After photoshoot, I went to Leo’s home. Other’s toys are always better. 🙂

Leo reads a lot, so let me see what he is reading…



We read the book together, played the number blocks and made phone calls.




What an afternoon! I had so much fun. Hope to play with Leo soon!


Preschool First Day

It was the first day that I was alone at the preschool. Daddy dropped me off in the morning. He found me Thomas and left me with a quick good-bye. What?! I am alone with strangers! I could not help crying. My teachers are Ms. Kim and Ms. Kay. They are so kind and nice to me. I felt slightly better and got distracted soon by the toys.

I don’t know how long it had pasted, but I saw Daddy’s face again. He was peeking on me. I was very very very upset. How could he just leave me there?! I cried so bad that I almost could not breath. I held him very very tight so he would not disappear. I mean, I like preschool, but I do not want to leave Daddy and Mommy.

Mommy apparently was concerned about my crying at the first day so she wrote to Ms. Kim and Ms. Kay asking how I was doing… urg.. . here is the letter from my teachers:

Miles did really well.  He did cry a little at drop off, but stopped soon after and had fun playing with the marble castle that he was playing with on Tuesday.  There were times throughout the day when he would get a little sad, but overall, he did very well for his first day.  Pick-up can be a tricky time for the children, as well, because they see other parents arriving and get anxious for their own parents.  In time, though, they learn that their parents are coming, too; then pick up is not so emotional.  : )  I think Miles is going to be just fine in no time at all; he’s such a happy and sweet child.

OK… I guess I did ok…hopefully no more tears next time? Who knows. I am a sensitive guy.

I’m a preschooler!

I can’t believe it: I am officially a preschooler at the age of 18 months! Here is my preschool t-shirt!

2012-08-23 12.53.42

Aug 28, 2012. Remember this day: it was the first day of my school life. I was quite happy because Mommy was there with me. There are so many new toys! I was attracted by all those big trucks, my favorite toys… there were other toddlers, but I did not care about them much. I was busy with playing the toys.

2012-08-28 08.58.16

2012-08-28 09.09.10

2012-08-28 09.32.52

Thomas the tank engine is so much bigger at the preschool! mmm… although other boys always tried to grab it from me.

2012-08-28 09.34.13

We also got outdoor time! There are plenty of things I can do.
2012-08-28 09.40.42

2012-08-28 09.41.18

2012-08-28 09.42.38

2012-08-28 09.44.30

2012-08-28 09.47.10

2012-08-28 09.48.57

Apparently I was quite tired after preschool.

2012-08-28 10.53.05

Aislyn’s Baby Shower

Wow. Summer has been gone so quick! I haven’t done much in the past two months though. Every day of the summer, I keep myself busy. Daddy and Mommy take turns to take me out twice a day. We either go to the park, the playground, the children’s museum, or Georgia Aquarium. I’m so luck to live so close to all those actions!

Last weekend, we all drove down to Grandma’s home at St. Pete. My aunt Adelle is going to have my cousin Aislyn in Oct, so we were having her baby shower in last weekend! Sitting in the car for more than 7 hours is always not fun for me. Daddy and Mommy chose to drive in the night so I could sleep as much as I could on the road.

I was so happy to see Grandma again after almost two months! I missed her so much and I cried so loud when I saw her. The first day there was not very good to start with. It was raining most of time so I could not go outside… and it was hot and humid so that I kinda of miss Atlanta nice weather. But it was so exciting that I went to the beach by the end of day! Well, it’s technically not the first time for me being on the beach, but I didn’t do anything last time when I was there since I was too young.

I felt weird stepping in the soft sand, why is it so soft and different from what I got used to??? It took me a while to start feeling walking on it. I played camera in the water. It was so much fun and we had beautiful photos.





The next day was full of activities. In the morning, Grandma took me to the playground nearby. Finally, I have something new to play with! I am up to challenges all the time. Grandma held my hands to walk across the suspension bridge for a few times, but very soon, I could walk on it by myself! Yeah! I am so athletics!

2012-08-19 09.40.56

2012-08-19 09.43.26

In Sunday afternoon, we finally went to the baby shower. There were so many beautiful decorations and I was really excited to move them around… hehe…


The most exciting thing was that Mommy didn’t force me to take nap once! I could run around and meet some new friends.


I also met my cute 5-month old second cousin Aubrie. I was very shy to say hi to her and it took me long time to finally play with her. Aren’t we both cute? My hair was quite a mess and sweaty after running around for quite a while.



Urg… the party was finally over and I was exhausted. We headed back home after the party and I felt asleep in one second… it was really a long way back. I am very glad that we will fly to Grandma’s next time in November. My cousin Aubrie will be there then!

My Passport Photo

I’m going to have my passport soon! Daddy and Mommy will go to Australia for a wedding and they plan to take me even it’s really a long trip. I will be trained as a global road warrior…

Taking my passport photo was a little bit challenge. Mommy took me to the CVS, but I really didn’t like to be stared by those employees. I cried and cried, so Mommy had to give it up.

Since Daddy is a photographer, so we should able to do it at home! But I still didn’t like to sit still in front of the whiteboard for my photos. Well, in the end, I was comprised because Daddy and Mommy let me watch my favorite Thomas show…Isn’t it the cutest passport photo in the world?

Miles' passport photo


A regular Friday

I always keep myself busy and of course keep Daddy and Mommy busy. Every day, as long as weather allows, Daddy and Mommy will take turns to take me out to the park or something else in the morning and the afternoon. I am an outdoor baby!

Today, it’s a regular Friday. I didn’t go to park in the morning because I had a ride with Mommy for an order delivery. It was a short ride, but Mommy considered it as “going out” so I stayed in for the rest of morning. So, I hacked Mommy’s computer!

Toddler Hacker
After a good nap, time to go out!

It’s  a hot summer day so we went to the Children’s museum. I got to push around my favorite shopping cart for quite a while, and then played with the cars… hanging around for over an hour, time to go home!!!

Sick Days

I am SICK!!!! I have been sick and it’s the forth day. I have been a healthy baby. I got cold once from our trip to Florida and then got fever from my one-year old chicken pox vaccine. This is my third one. Sick days are not fun. I am running low fever, running nose and coughing a bit. I am very cranky and tired. Well, only good thing being sick is that Daddy and Mommy let me watch a LOT of TV and hold me a LOT.

We went to see Dr. Elliott again, one week after we saw him for my 15-month checkup. Luckily I don’t have any infection, but I will have to fight through the cold… 😦

The fever comes and goes. When I feel better, I still like to go out a bit, but I feel beat. I tried to play with the tunnel a little bit, but feel very upset when another boy was playing it. I just feel sitting in the shade, watching others running around and eating some of my cheese puff, like a picnic. It seems Daddy and Mommy never bring me to picnic!

When can I feel better? I am supposed to be back the first swimming class in the summer, but apparently I will miss it. What a bummer!

Baby Bowling

Miles found a new toy to play. He found he could climb inside the toy box and be pushed! So now whenever he feels, he climbs inside the box and asks for a ride. Or shall we call it baby bowling?

See, how much he enjoys the speed. We are wondering if he is going to love roll-coaster a lot in the future.



My Long Trip to Arizona

I am not sure if I enjoyed the trip like Daddy and Mommy did. I didn’t eat, sleep and play well at all! Sorry for my complaining but the flight was as long as 3.5 hours. I managed to sleep for the first one hour, but the rest of hours in the small space was torturing… for me and for Daddy and Mommy…

We were waiting at the airport and I was wearing matching outfit with Daddy. 😉


And I slept in the uncomfortable rental car seat…


Daddy went there to photograph a wedding. So many strangers were around me and I did not feel comfortable.  Luckily, I had my Thomas with me…


And I slept again during the wedding ceremony. The time difference was killing

Miles going to Arizona

But I did enjoy the beautiful morning of Sedona.

We then went to Grand Canyon. I didn’t get chance to walk around because it was dangerous for me. Not fun… I was so tired… 😦

Daddy and Mommy finally let me walk around a bit… in 100 degree heat…

Father and Son at Glen Canyon Dam

Was I the youngest person to arrive Horse Shoe Bend thanks to Bob’s stroller?
Miles going to Arizona

Slot Canyon was kind of cool and I was allowed to walk around a bit. But I fell asleep on Mommy’s shoulder.
Miles going to Arizona

Anyway, I’m so glad to be back home to do things I love to do, like messing around with Mommy’s books and driving her crazy… 😉
Miles messing around

Miles messing around