My First Birthday

Wow… my first birthday already!!! Is my first cake amazing! Of course, I will have a Xiong Mao cake!

Miles' First Birthday Party

Some detail shot of the cake. 🙂

Wai Po stayed with me for my first birthday and she is leaving for China in two days. 😦

I’m so excited to have my own cake though, and I can’t help to touch it. Heheh..

Miles' First Birthday Party
Miles' First Birthday Party

Of course, Leo is invited and I try to forgive him biting my ear last time.
Miles' First Birthday Party

Nice to have my birthday because I received gifts!!! I’m playing my new toy with mommy.

Miles' First Birthday Party

Merry Christmas!!!

I love Christmas!!! I received so many gifts. Of course, I always receive gifts on other days, but on Christmas, I receive a lot more, in beautiful wrapped gifts! We also got our first Christmas tree ever, although it’s small but it’s beautiful. 🙂

Here is our Christmas card to everyone! The idea was to have me wearing the Christmas hat but I made daddy wearing it. 😉 I’m soooooo cute anyway!

Family Photo time in Centennial Olympic Park

Family Photo time in Centennial Olympic Park

Happy Turkey’s Day!

It’s my first Thansgiving and also my first trip to visit grandparents and great grandparents in Florida!

It was another long trip. Learning from the experience from our last trip to Orlando, daddy and mommy decided to drive in the night so I could sleep all the way up to seven hours. I did, I had a sound and sweet sleep in my new car seat. Yes, I just had my car seat upgraded from infant card seat to a booster! It’s really comfy now.

We went to Brooksville first to see my grandpa and great grandma. It was the first time I saw them. Then we went to St Peterborough to see grandma, aunt Adelle, uncle Joe and great grandpa. I’m so glad to see grandma again. But I started crying a lot seeing others. I felt tired from the trip and I was not very happy. 😦

I also saw the beach for the first time! But it was a little bit too cold and windy. Of course, I had photos with everyone. I seemed crying in some of them. 🙂

It was a busy trip and I was on the road a lot. I was happy to be back our home in Atlanta and saw Wai Po again. The bad news is that I started running nose the next day. I am SICK for the first time!!!

Thanksgiving 2011 | Wednesday in Brooksville, FL

With Grandpa

Thanksgiving 2011 | Wednesday in Brooksville, FL

Haha.. I love playing Piano

Thanksgiving 2011 | Wednesday in Brooksville, FL

Visiting Great Grandma

Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg

With my dear Grandma!

Thanksgiving 2011 | Family Portrait in St. Petersburg

A Very Happy Family!

Miles meeting his Great Grandfather | St. Petersburg, FL

I'm about to crying...

Miles meeting his Great Grandfather | St. Petersburg, FL

I'm crying...

My first flying

Two weeks after my first road trip, I had my first flying after I am just 7 months! With Daddy and Mommy, I had my first fly from Atlanta  to Chicago for a wedding in South Bend, Indiana.

Daddy and Mommy were worried taking me for flying because babies love crying in flying. However, I did great for my first flying trip! I cried a little bit when outbound flight took off and then fell asleep for half of the trip. I slept through the inbound flight because I was just exhausted to stay late for wedding in last two days and had no regular nap… traveling is tiresome.

Miles waiting for the first fly to Chicago

Miles waiting for the first fly to Chicago

How Miles got through the fly

How I got through the fly

playing with Daddy in the flight

playing with Daddy in the flight

I love the fall of mid-west! I could finally wear my pre-born Christmas gift: the MSU Spartans beanie! I look so handsome with it.

Wearing MSU beanie

But the wedding is tiresome, I had to stay up late. Mom, I want to sleep!!!! I finally did sleep during the reception with the loud music.

Dancing with Mommy in the reception

But most important thing of the trip was meeting Aunt Cindy, Mommy’s best friend living in Chicago! After the wedding, we all went to St Joseph, MI, where Mom lived there for three years. Sorry to Aunt Cindy because I was so tired and didn’t show her my most charming smile, but she still loves me. I’m prepared to be her ring carrier in the future!

With Aunt Cindy

I’m so glad that we are finally home and see Wai Po again. I slept a lot the next day and cried quite a bit…Home, sweet home…

My first roadtrip

On 9/16, I had my first road trip back to Orlando, where I was actually conceived. So Orlando can be technically my hometown and it is where “magic happens”, according to Grandma. Daddy and Mommy brought me for their friends, Jessica & Phil’s wedding.

Honestly, I didn’t like the ride. I like ride once a while and I always have good sleep in the ride, but a road trip up to 7 hours is a different story. I could not help screaming after half of the trip. It was so different from my sweet home and my colorful mat where I can crawl on. We stopped at the rest area so that we could have some fresh air…

Here is me sleeping at the beginning of the trip! Fei Fei is my BFF going anywhere with me.

Miles' first ride going to Atlanta

I’m just glad that we finally made there before the rehearsal dinner was over. Of course, I was glad to see everyone!


Wearing my Camera shirt!


At wedding rehearsal dinner


With the Bride-to-be, whom was I looking at?


With my future fashion adviser, Aunt Jessica!

But, I didn’t expect that Daddy and Mommy didn’t take me to the wedding!!! Grandma came to hang out with me at the hotel while Daddy and Mommy went to the wedding the next day. I was extremely unhappy with the unfamiliar place without Daddy and Mommy beside me so I cried a lot… sorry Grandma…But everything was good once my dear Daddy and Mommy were back at the mid-night. I was so happy and waked up to play with them a bit before I could happily go to sleep again.

It was another long and touring road trip to get back home in Sunday. But before we left, I got a chance to take a photo with Mr. Mickey! We were in Orlando, so do what Orlandian do!

Cool Miles

Wai Po Lai La (Grandma comes)!!!

Summer is almost over and mom has been back to school. 😦 Beside her own school courses and research, mom started teaching in college this semester. So she is almost going insane. Dad is super busy too, and he is behind with his photo editing. I know I’m handful…;) In order to take good care of me without going crazy or sending me to cruel infant care, mommy and daddy decided to get the grandma in China to help out!

Yesterday, Wai Po finally arrived! We all went to airport to pick her up. It’s quite embarrassing that I cried seeing the new face. Of course, Wai Po and me became friends very soon.

Meeting Waipo

Meeting Waipo

Meeting Waipo

I’m on the Top of the World!

Of course I’m a smart baby. Since I was born, mommy has been reading to me in Chinese. She reads me Chinese ancient poems, stories, and sings Chinese songs with me. They finally start using the public library three blocks away and borrowed a lot of baby books for me. Look, daddy is pushing me to walk through knowledge.

In the library

I’m now enjoying a lot of more on my tummy, even when I’m sleeping. It’s so weird because I used to hate it a lot! I got new floor mat so I can crawl on the floor. Of course, they are numbers and letters…Look, how cute of my ducky butt…

Miles trying to crawl

So…I’m surrounded by books every day when I’m on my colorful mat. Here is me reading books, at least, pretending reading…

Miles reading

Miles is reading!

Mommy and daddy also wish me becoming a global citizen, so here I’m on the top of the world!

Miles is on Top of the World! Miles is on Top of the World! Miles is on Top of the World!

My First Swimming

First of all, I’m soooo glad that I’m finally healed from eczema. Several weeks ago, I have red covering all over my body! Daddy and mommy rushed to see the doctor. Here is the photo in Dr’s office as prove… I looked like a cooked shrimp, poor baby…

Bringing Miles to see Dr. for his eczema

I went to the swimming pool today for the first time in my life! Mommy was very excited about it. She really wishes me becoming a swimming athletes, to receive college scholarship, even to become Michael Phillips #2. But the water in the baby pool under the shade was so cold!!! I screamed every time when mom was trying to put me in the water… She finally gave up in the end so that I could watch others swimming and jumping in the pool… I was happy. 🙂

Betty and Miles at Inman Park Pool - Miles' first swimming!