Miles Had a Good Day!

Today is the fifth class of Miles’ preschool. He still cried a little bit when I dropped him off this morning, even before entering into the building. He dangled on me and didn’t want to let me go. His preferred teacher, Ms. Kay, was not there yet. Poor Miles. 😦 He went straight to Ms. Kay last time when I left him.

After three hours, I was the first parent of his class to pick him up. He was playing toys. As soon as he saw me, he tried to open the door anxiously and then gave me the big hug as always. Zai Jian, Ms. Kay & Ms. Kim. He didn’t waive bye bye to them though.

We always wonder how he has been doing in the class since we can’t see. I know he didn’t draw like other toddlers because there was no work hanging up under his name. Oops.

But we received email and three photos from Ms. Kay & Ms. Kim: Miles had a fantastic day today. His best yet!

Woohoo! Congrats to our little guy. He starts enjoying his school life now.

Baby Bowling

Miles found a new toy to play. He found he could climb inside the toy box and be pushed! So now whenever he feels, he climbs inside the box and asks for a ride. Or shall we call it baby bowling?

See, how much he enjoys the speed. We are wondering if he is going to love roll-coaster a lot in the future.



Eating myself

This morning, Miles was rejecting my feeding. He was streaming when I tried I feed him. But when I took the bowl away, he reached out his hand… Mmmm… So I finally let him to feed himself and play with the food happily. I will just have to clean up him and the floor later. 🙂

Little panda is going up and want to be independent. 🙂





And that is how he looked like after eating, cereal all over his face and hair! 🙂


Merry Christmas!!!

I love Christmas!!! I received so many gifts. Of course, I always receive gifts on other days, but on Christmas, I receive a lot more, in beautiful wrapped gifts! We also got our first Christmas tree ever, although it’s small but it’s beautiful. 🙂

Here is our Christmas card to everyone! The idea was to have me wearing the Christmas hat but I made daddy wearing it. 😉 I’m soooooo cute anyway!

Family Photo time in Centennial Olympic Park

Family Photo time in Centennial Olympic Park

3 Months already?!

What?! We haven’t posted any blog for Miles for more than a month??!! We are so busy with Miles every single day. I just looked through all of his photos since he was born. He has changed so much already, from a wrinkling skinny infant to a chubby round baby. No matter how he looks, he is always our cutest baby in the world.

He already smiles to us weeks ago… dang, how  could we miss a blog of his first smile? Every time seeing his smile makes our hearts melt. Morning is always Miles’ favorite time: he is fresh and energized and ready for another new day! He coos and looks at me with his most beautify smile on his cute little face.

Good Morning Smile

Everyone loves Miles. Today, I took Miles to a Cefe to meet a friend. Everyone passing by was smiling at him and commented him as a cute baby. Sitting on my laps, Miles gave the waitress a most charming smiles. Oh, mine… what a lady killer! 🙂

Here is a video when Miles was 12 weeks old on 5/20.

Well, he might start teething now, so he drills quite a lot…in a funny way. 🙂