Hello. I’m Miles Winston Long, the son of Zachary Long and Betty Feng.  They are a nerdy couple and love on-line stuff. I’m still at my mommy’s womb at this moment and going to be born around 03/19/2011, but they have set up my email, my blog site and my domain. They wish to document my life through photos & blogging so that I will know in the future how I grow up in this social media generation. Their best wish to me: Every Day will be different!

They gave me the name Miles, which is (Latin) “soldier”, (Old German) “merciful”, or variant of Emil (Latin) “eager to please”. They were inspired by the main character Miles Teg from Dune, daddy’s favorite book. They wish me to be as brave as a solider, and as mercy as a gentleman. My Chinese name is 龙万里 (Dragon Ten Thousand Miles). It seems my Asian mom has already put a lot of pressure on me. But I know in their hearts, they wish me to grow healthily and happily to a nice person and to enjoy what I will love to do for my life.

Nov 12th, 2010

One thought on “About

  1. Of course, I am slightly prejudiced, but he has a great beginning with such wonderful people for parents:-)
    Unconditonal love is the most important ingredient in raising a child.


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